Aebleskiver: Danish Pancakes with a Takoyaki Look


In Denmark, as December approaches and Christmas nears, a sweet treat called Aebleskiver makes its appearance. Aebleskiver are round, ball-shaped pancakes, and at first glance, they look just like Takoyaki. In this article, I will introduce you to the cute Danish treat with a Takoyaki shape, Aebleskiver.

Aebleskiver – A Traditional Danish Pastry

Aebleskiver is a traditional Danish dish and is loved as a Danish-style pancake. It is palm-sized and ball-shaped, with a cute appearance similar to the familiar Japanese Takoyaki. The name “Aebleskiver” means “apple slices” in Danish. It is said to originate from the tradition of putting finely cut apples inside the batter. Nowadays, the use of apples in the recipe has decreased, and the same ingredients as regular pancakes are used. 

In Denmark, Aebleskiver is cherished as a convenient dessert, especially consumed in December before Christmas. It is also a tradition to enjoy it with Glogg, a Nordic traditional hot wine.

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Aebleskiver Recipe

The ingredients for Aebleskiver are wheat flour, eggs, sugar, cream, baking powder, and a pinch of salt, just like regular pancakes. Cardamom is sometimes used to add flavor. However, the cooking utensils are slightly different, as a special Aebleskiver hot plate is used in Denmark. This tool is almost the same as a Japanese Takoyaki maker, and you can make Aebleskiver in a similar way using a Takoyaki maker in Japan. 

First, pour the batter into the greased hot plate. When the batter turns golden brown, use a bamboo skewer to rotate the Aebleskiver, creating a sear all around it. This process is similar to making Takoyaki. Finally, add toppings such as powdered sugar or jam to finish.

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Aebleskiver is a pancake eaten in Denmark before Christmas. Its appearance closely resembles Takoyaki, and the process of making it also involves pouring the batter into a special hot plate and shaping it with a bamboo skewer, just like making Takoyaki. If you have a Takoyaki maker in Japan, you can easily make Aebleskiver at home, so if you have one, give it a try!