Leverpostej: Danish Pork Liver Patties on Bread


Pork consumption is high in Denmark.

Liver is often thought of as a snack with alcoholic beverages.

In Denmark, it is eaten as a liver patty called leverpostej, which is usually spread on bread.

Here I will explain in detail about leverpostej, a Danish liver patty.

Leverpostej, a pâté of pork liver

Leverpostej is a pate made from pork liver in the form of a paste.

Leverpostej” means “liver pâté” in Danish.

“Lever” stands for “liver” and “postej” for “pâté.”

Leverpostej was first eaten in Denmark in 1847.

It is said to have originated when the French brought it to Denmark.

Although leverpostej is now a cheap food available in supermarkets, it was classified as a luxury food at that time.

Spread on sliced bread and eat

The Danish way of eating leverpostej is to spread it on the surface of sliced bread like butter or jam.

And in Denmark, there is an open sandwich called smørrebrød.

In Smørrebrød, sliced rye bread is topped with shrimp, salmon, and vegetables.

This simple recipe makes it one of the most widely eaten dishes in Denmark for a quick breakfast or lunch.

It is similar to Japanese Temakizushi.

And leverpostej goes well with Smørrebrød. Many people eat leverpostej on bread instead of butter.

Jam and butter are also good. However, with its unique flavor and peculiarities of pork liver, Leverpostej is more suitable for adults.

Leverpostej made at home

Leverpostej was brought to Denmark by the French as a luxury food in the 19th century.

Today it is sold at reasonable prices in supermarkets throughout Denmark.

Leverpostej comes in a wide variety of flavors.

They range from plain, with only pork liver, to those with added garlic and anchovies.

In Denmark, it is common for every household to make homemade leverpostej.

When making leverpostej, oil is added to the solid liver to make a paste.

Lard, refined oil, or butter, or margarine is used as the oil for stretching the liver.

Bacon or raw pork fat can be used to enhance the flavor.

The more oil added, the smoother the texture and the easier it is to spread on bread.

In contrast, reducing the oil content will result in a firmer, healthier patty.

The appeal of homemade pâté is that it can be prepared according to individual preferences.


Leverpostej is a pate made from processed pig liver.

In Denmark, it is eaten on bread like a jam.

Leverpostej has a peculiar taste and smell that is unique to the liver, so it may be a little tough for those who are not fond of the liver at first.

On the other hand, liver lovers who often eat liver as a snack with alcohol will surely become addicted to this dish.