Lohikeitto: Traditional Finnish Salmon Soup


One of the traditional Finnish dishes is a soup dish called Lohikeitto, made by stewing salmon and vegetables.

Made with raw salmon, potatoes, and other rich vegetables, milk, and flavored herb dill, Lohikeitto is a simple yet nutritious recipe.

I would like to introduce Lohikeitto, a Finnish salmon soup, in this article.

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What is Lohikeitto?

Lohikeitto is a traditional Finnish salmon soup.

Lohikeitto is the Finnish name for the soup, with “lohi” meaning “salmon” and “keitto” meaning “soup.

Lohikeitto is so familiar in Finland that it can be called a taste of home. It may be similar to miso soup in Japan.

The main ingredients are salmon, a Scandinavian specialty, and vegetables such as potatoes, a staple food in Scandinavia.

Milk and herbs are also used to add richness and flavor.

This is easy to understand if you imagine the cream stew that is so popular in Japan.

Its taste is delicious, with the flavor of salmon and saltiness.

It also creates a perfect harmony with the mildness of the cream soup.

Lohikeitto is made by cutting ingredients into bite-sized pieces and simmering them with milk or cream, and the recipe is straightforward.

 It can be used not only for everyday meals but can also be easily prepared in your spare time, such as for dinner or when you are hungry.

Detailed recipe for Lohikeitto

The recipe for Lohikeitto is almost identical to the procedure for Japanese cream stew.

Prepare the main ingredients: salmon fillets, vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and onions, and cut them into bite-size pieces.

Saute onions in a pan with oil or butter until transparent, then add salmon and other ingredients and cook lightly.

Then add water or milk and cook over medium heat until the ingredients are tender.

Milk is commonly used for milk, but soy milk is also recommended.

Also, adding bay leaves to the stew as an aromatic garnish will give it a deeper flavor.

Add cream, salt, and pepper to taste and simmer over low heat when the ingredients are fully cooked.

Finally, garnish with the herb dill for extra flavor.

The key to the recipe is that the salmon to be added to Lohikeitto is either a commercial fillet or cut up for sashimi.

It is convenient to use different types of salmon for other occasions, such as fillets for family and friends or sashimi-grade salmon for one person, which is just the right amount.

Dill, an essential herb for recipes

Lohikeitto is similar to Japanese cream stew, but the herb dill is always used in Lohikeitto as it is eaten in Finland.

Dill goes well with seafood and is called the “fish herb.”

When fish dishes are prepared in Scandinavian households, dill is an essential ingredient in the preparation and finishing touches to remove the fish smell.

Dill leaves are torn into small pieces and sprinkled over food when preparing and finishing dishes.

The fresh flavor of the dill eliminates the fishy smell and makes the fish very palatable.

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Lohikeitto, a local Finnish dish and a taste of home, is an exquisite soup with a rich and flavorful taste of ingredients such as salmon and vegetables.

It is a straightforward recipe that requires only cutting, stir-frying, and stewing.

Despite the recipe’s simplicity, it is hearty, and just one cup will warm your body from the inside out.

Please try making Lohikeitto for future dinners.