Jarlsberg cheese: Norway’s most famous cheese


Norway has long been engaged in livestock and dairy farming.

As a result, many traditional kinds of cheese are made from dairy cow and goat milk.

Jarlsberg cheese is one of them.

It is one of the country’s representative cheeses made from Norwegian milk.

I want to introduce Jarlsberg cheese, a typical Norwegian cheese, its origins, and its taste.

If you are interested in Norwegian food culture and cheese, please look.

What is Norwegian Jarlsberg cheese?

Jarlsberg cheese is a cheese produced in Norway.

Norwegian milk is used as an ingredient.

The cheese is matured for 3 to 6 months.

A typical Jarlsberg cheese is about 33 cm in diameter and weighs about 8 kg; its weight is substantial.

As a type of cheese, Jarlsberg cheese is classified as semi-hard cheese.

It is characterized by the fact that it is made by pressing raw milk without heat treatment.

It was made of Swiss Emmental cheese

Jarlsberg cheese is now Norway’s most famous cheese, but there is a prototype.

It is Emmental cheese, which originated in Switzerland.

Emmental cheese is that cheese with holes that we all think of when we hear the word cheese.

The holes that are synonymous with Emmental cheese are called cheese eyes.

Propionic acid bacteria create these holes during the cheese fermentation process.

Emmental cheese is frequently featured in cartoons, so many people have probably seen it before.

And Jarlsberg cheese is a cheese that was made around the 18th to 19th century, based on and improved upon Emmental cheese.

Enjoy mild and gentle sweetness

Jarlsberg cheese is similar to Emmental cheese in taste and aroma, as it was created based on It.

Jarlsberg cheese is moist and has a subtle sweetness.

Its flavor has a nutty, mellow aroma.

Some people find the smell and taste of milk in authentic cheeses to be strong and unpleasant.

Jarlsberg cheese, however, has a light flavor with few peculiarities of cheese.

It also goes well with other foods, such as pizza, or as an accompaniment to meat dishes.


Norwegian Jarlsberg cheese is based on Emmental cheese, a cheese with holes that originated in Switzerland.

The cheese has a mild, gentle, delicious taste and is very easy to eat.

In Norway, it is a cheese that is eaten on a wide range of occasions, from a snack with wine to a topping for dishes.