Stockholm Public Library: A modern library opened in 1928


Stockholm Public Library is a library that is open to the public free of charge in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

The Stockholm Public Library was built in 1928 by architect Erik Gunnar Asplund, considered the father of Swedish architecture.

I would like to introduce the Stockholm Public Library, where the citizens of Stockholm gather for knowledge.

Stockholm Public Library Features

Stockholm Public Library is open in Stockholm, the capital of Nordic Sweden.

Stockholm Public Library is officially called Stockholms stadsbibliotek.

The name is a combination of the Swedish words “stabs,” meaning “town,” and “bibliotek,” meaning “library,” which directly translates to “Stockholm’s town library.

The name is straightforward to understand.

Almost 100 years ago, in 1928, the Stockholm Public Library opened its doors in Sweden.

In addition to its original function of storing books, the Stockholm Public Library is also highly regarded as an architectural structure.

Books surround its interior at 360 degrees, with a beautiful, modern, circular appearance.

Of course, the library is free to enter, making it easy for anyone to gain knowledge.

Designed by architect Gunnar Asplund

As I introduced a little earlier, the Stockholm Public Library was designed by Swedish architect Erik Gunnar Asplund.

Mr. Asplund specializes in modern architecture and is so well known in Swedish architectural circles that he has been called the “father of Swedish architecture.

The Stockholm Public Library, completed in 1928, was one of the works he was commissioned to build by the city of Stockholm then.

The entire interior was designed by Mr. Asplund, from the cylindrical structure with a vaulted ceiling to the stunning interior with books lined up in 360-degree rows around the perimeter.

With a design so modern it is hard to believe the building was built more than 100 years ago, the Stockholm Public Library is also a representative of the early 20th-century Nordic Classicist style.

At the same time, it is said to be the forerunner of a new art form, Scandinavian modernist architecture.

A majestic library with 550,000 volumes

The Stockholm Public Library is characterized by its cylindrical exterior, decorated in a pale orange color that blends in with the beautiful city of Stockholm. Its fashionable and modern design does not look old at all.

Beyond the front door is the entrance hall, surrounded by a solemn atmosphere reminiscent of a church.

The three-story entrance hall is vaulted to the ceiling and features an impressive 360-degree wall of bookshelves displaying a vast collection of over 550,000 books.

A wide variety of book categories are available, from classics to novels.

In addition, many books are translated not only into Swedish but other languages worldwide, and books translated into Japanese are also available.

The interior of the building is decorated in soft milky white tones, creating an environment where you can concentrate on reading or studying without distractions.

There are windows throughout the library that allow natural light to stream in, making the interior quite bright.

The design to incorporate daylight was also calculated and designed by Gunnar Asplund, the architect of the Stockholm Public Library.

Café, study space, and outdoor plaza

Libraries are great places to borrow books, and their quiet space is also ideal for studying.

Many of you may have studied in the library before exams during your school days.

The Stockholm Public Library, like such libraries in Japan, has a spacious study area inside the building.

Many people use the space daily, from those who read books to students who spread their textbooks on their desks to study.

The library also has a café where you can bring in your favorite books and take a coffee break.

A children’s room is also available for those with children to spend a relaxing time. As is typical of Scandinavian Sweden, a country with a high level of welfare, the facility is well-equipped and full of concern for its users.

Other areas include a square with a lush green lawn in front of the Stockholm Public Library.

In addition to taking a break from reading, many people spend time in the open space and relax in the plaza during the daytime hours.


Although a historical building constructed in 1928, the 360-degree atrium space surrounded by books and the graceful modern interior design does not feel old-fashioned even today in the 21st century.

With its modern interior, the Stockholm Public Library is a must-see for book lovers, who can enjoy reading to their heart’s content.