Dettifoss: Iceland’s largest waterfall with a width of 100m


Dettifoss is a spot located in the nature-rich area of northeastern Iceland. It is known as one of the largest waterfalls in Europe, boasting a roaring water flow that can be felt against the backdrop of the stunning natural landscape. In this article, I will introduce Dettifoss, which is located in the remote wilderness of northern Iceland.

Features of Dettifoss waterfall

Iceland, a Nordic island nation known for its volcanic activity, is home to many powerful waterfalls created by its unique geography and glaciers. Among them, Dettifoss, located in northeastern Iceland, is known as one of the largest waterfalls in Iceland and Europe. The waterfall is characterized by its massive size, with a height of about 45 meters and a width of a staggering 100 meters, which spreads out like a crack in the Icelandic landscape. Dettifoss is a waterfall that draws its water from a massive glacier known as the Vaknajokull Glacier. Visitors can witness the spectacle of water cascading down with a thunderous roar at a rate of 200 cubic meters per second.

Access to the waterfall

Dettifoss in northeastern Iceland is located in a somewhat difficult-to-access area, taking more than 6 hours by car from the capital city of Reykjavik.

When traveling, it is recommended to use the town of Akureyri as a base. The route to Dettifoss starts on National Road 1, and then splits into two routes: the eastern side (Route 864) and the western side (Route 862). 

The western route is a newly paved road, and there is an observation deck near the waterfall. Therefore, it is common to use the western route when visiting the waterfall. On the other hand, the eastern route is unpaved and difficult to access, but it gets visitors closer to the waterfall.

Tips for enjoying the waterfall

Dettifoss is known as the most powerful waterfall in Europe, with water rushing down from both sides of steep cliffs. However, due to the huge amount of water, water spray falls around the waterfall, so it is recommended to wear rain gear and waterproof clothing when staying there. 

Also, Dettifoss is famous as a location in movies, appearing in the opening scene of the science fiction film “Prometheus” directed by Ridley Scott in 2012. If you plan to visit Dettifoss, watching the movie beforehand may enhance your experience.


Dettifoss is a dynamic waterfall with a width of 100 meters, created by Iceland’s volcanoes and glaciers. Because it is located in the remote northeastern region of Iceland, access may be challenging. However, it is a highly recommended spot for those who want to experience Iceland’s raw and natural beauty.