Ekeberg Park: A scenic overlook in Oslo with connections to Munch, offering views of the cityscape


Oslo, the capital of Norway, is known for its close proximity to nature, such as fjords and forests. A short distance from the city center is Ekeberg Park, a place where you can enjoy both art and nature with a light hiking experience. The park is also connected to the famous painting “The Scream” by Munch. In this article, I will introduce Ekeberg Park in Oslo, where you can easily enjoy art and nature.

About Ekeberg Park in Norway

Ekeberg Park is a relatively new park, opened in 2013, located in the southeast of Oslo, Norway. It is about 10 minutes by tram from the city center and has good access to transportation.

The park is surrounded by vast forests, offering an abundance of nature that is hard to imagine in an urban setting. Exploring the forest will make you feel like you’re hiking through the wilderness. Moreover, the park features beautiful landscapes such as fjords formed by glaciers, showcasing the harmony between nature and the city. This coexistence of nature and urban life truly represents the Nordic essence.

The park’s stunning views, nature, and art pieces


Ekeberg Park is situated on a hill called Ekeberg Hill, known as one of the most beautiful landscapes in Oslo. From the park’s observation deck, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Oslo’s cityscape and the mountains beyond. The orange-tinted city at dusk and the night view are particularly enchanting.

Furthermore, Ekeberg Park displays numerous art pieces. Over 30 unique sculptures and installations are scattered throughout the park, entertaining visitors. Admission to the park is free, allowing everyone to easily enjoy art and nature.

Ekeberg Hill, where Munch’s “The Scream” was born

Did you know that Edvard Munch, the painter who created the famous painting “The Scream,” was from Norway? Munch produced many works from the 19th to the 20th century, but “The Scream” is particularly noteworthy. “The Scream,” an oil painting released in 1893, depicts a man standing on a path at sunset, covering his ears from the scream of nature. Everyone has probably seen it at least once.

Ekeberg Hill, where Ekeberg Park is located, is known as the place where Munch drew inspiration for “The Scream.” In fact, the landscape painted in the background of the painting is based on the view of the fjord from Ekeberg Hill. As a result, Ekeberg Hill has become a destination for fans of “The Scream” from all over the world.


Ekeberg Park offers various attractions such as Ekeberg Hill with its connections to Munch, the observation deck with panoramic views of Oslo, and a diverse collection of art pieces.

You can enjoy art appreciation while immersing yourself in nature, or dine at the restaurant near the observation deck. Additionally, if you’re inspired by the art, you can head back to the city and visit the National Gallery of Oslo, where Munch’s “The Scream” is on display.