Ålesund: Norway’s most beautiful city


Norway is famous for its beautiful natural landscapes, such as fjords that have been formed by nature over thousands of years. 

For those who want to experience nature in Norway, I would highly recommend the city of Ålesund, located along the country’s west coast. 

In this article, I will focus on the city of Ålesund and highlight its distinctive features and popular tourist attractions.

What is Ålesund?

The city we will introduce in this article is Ålesund, which is located on the west coast of Norway. 

The English spelling of the city’s name may also be written as “Aalesund”. 

The city is situated in the region of Møre og Romsdal in western Norway and is surrounded by vast fjords. 

While Ålesund is not particularly large, it has gained a reputation for its picturesque townscape, and despite its size, it has become a popular destination for many tourists each year. 

In contrast, Ålesund suffered a major fire in 1904 that destroyed most of the city. 

After the fire, the city was rebuilt in the popular Jugendstil style of the time, resulting in a more cohesive and unified cityscape.

Ålesund’s scenery is not only recognized by foreigners but also by local Norwegians, who often refer to it as “the most beautiful city in Norway”.

Mount Aksla is a spectacular spot in Ålesund

Ålesund is home to many famous landmarks, one of which is Mount Aksla that towers over the city. 

In the past, Mount Aksla served as a defensive watchtower for the city, but today it offers a spectacular view of both the city and nature from its summit. 

It takes approximately 30 minutes to reach the summit on foot from the base of Mount Aksla, but the climb is quite arduous, consisting of 418 steps. 

For those who prefer not to climb, the summit can also be reached by car or train. 

At the summit, there is a lounge with a restaurant where you can take a relaxing break and enjoy a meal while taking in the scenery.

Visit the Sunnmøre Museum to view exhibits related to the Vikings

Scandinavia is perhaps best known for the Vikings, who were seafaring warriors that ranged across northern Europe from the 8th to the 11th centuries. 

In Ålesund, you can visit the Sunnmøre Museum to view exhibits related to the Vikings. 

The Sunnmøre Museum is an open-air museum that showcases a diverse array of historical artifacts, including wooden ships that the Vikings used for transportation and warfare, as well as everyday items that offer insight into their daily lives.

Ålesund Church, a place of faith in the city

Located in the center of Ålesund is the Ålesund Church, which belongs to the Lutheran Catholic Church. 

The church, made of Norwegian marble and concrete, has an imposing and dignified Romanesque appearance. 

As previously mentioned, the Ålesund Church was also damaged during the fire in 1904. 

The current church was rebuilt in 1909, five years after the fire. Apart from regular services for the faithful, the Ålesund Church also regularly hosts pipe organ concerts.


While Ålesund may not be a major tourist destination, it is an ideal city for those who seek relaxation, a chance to appreciate nature, and a quiet vacation. 

Moreover, as Ålesund is located close to the Arctic Circle, visitors may have the opportunity to witness the Northern Lights depending on the season. 

If you are looking for a serene location to enjoy nature in Norway, Ålesund should definitely be on your list of places to visit.