Porvoo: Second oldest town in Finland


In Finland, many places have remained from medieval times, and the town of Porvoo, introduced in this article, is one of them.

Porvoo was founded in the 14th century and is the second oldest city in Finland.

Here is a detailed description of Porvoo, Finland, including the city’s history and famous places in the city.

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Porvoo Overview

Porvoo was founded in 1346 and is the second oldest town in Finland after Turku.

Porvoo is located on the southern coast of Finland, about 50 km east of Helsinki.

Its easy accessibility makes it a popular tourist destination, and many people visit to catch a glimpse of the old town.

The charm of Porvoo, with its nearly 700-year history, is the medieval atmosphere of the old town.

The cobblestone streets and pastel-colored wooden houses create an atmosphere that transports visitors back to medieval times.

Porvoo was once a prosperous trading town.

Along the Porvoo River you can still see the warehouses where imported goods were stored.

Johan Ludvig Runeberg, the poet who wrote the lyrics to Finland’s national anthem, Maamme, was also born in Porvoo.

The house where Runeberg lived until 1877 is now open to the public as a museum where visitors can see how Runeberg lived in those days.

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An old town built in the 18th century

Upon entering the old town of Porvoo, visitors are greeted by the sight of wooden buildings with colorful yellow and light blue exteriors, lined with rows of houses.

The old town of Porvoo, founded in the 18th century, is characterized by its pastel-colored streets.

The area is so photogenic that it is a popular destination for tourists who like to explore the area with cameras in hand.

Red warehouses along the canal

Porvoo has long been one of the most important trading centers in Finland.

The city is also home to the Porvoo River, a canal that was used for shipping traffic in those days.

The Porvoo River is connected to the Bay of Finland, which must have been visited by many trading ships from abroad in the Middle Ages.

The red warehouses along the banks of the Porvoo River are a testament to Porvoo’s history as a trading town.

The warehouses are painted bright red.

During the Middle Ages, when the city prospered from maritime trade, spices, wine, and other trade goods were stored in these warehouses.

The reason why the entire warehouse area has a red exterior is said to have been to show loyalty and respect to King Gustav III of Sweden, who ruled Finland in the 18th century.

Porvoo Cathedral is the symbol of the city

Porvoo Cathedral is the city’s landmark cathedral.

Standing on a hill overlooking the old town, it was built in Porvoo around the 15th century.

It is characterized by its majestic appearance in Gothic architectural style, including white stucco exterior walls.

Porvoo Cathedral has become a famous place in Porvoo because of its stately appearance.

On the other hand, Porvoo Cathedral has had the misfortune of suffering five fires over the past several hundred years.

Even in recent years, the building was damaged by arson in May 2006 to the extent that most of the building was destroyed by fire.

But after a two-year restoration period, the building was successfully restored in 2008.

Old City Hall and open-air market

Heading toward the center of the old town, you will find the pale pink Old City Hall of Porvoo.

This City Hall is known to be the oldest in Finland.

It is now open to the public as the Porvoo Museum after having ceased to serve as the city hall.

The museum exhibits artifacts, furnishings, paintings, and other items that tell the history of Porvoo.

It is a recommended spot for those who want to learn more about Porvoo.

An open-air market is held regularly on the square in front of the Old City Hall.

The market is a great place to buy items such as lovely sundries and handmade accessories, making it a great place to look for souvenirs.


Porvoo is the second oldest city in Finland.

It is conveniently located only one hour from Helsinki by car or bus and is visited by many tourists from home and abroad.

If you have a chance to visit Finland, be sure to come to Porvoo and enjoy its beautiful historic townscape and natural scenery.